"Conflux Connect is a triadic movement, consisting of artists, connecting and collaborating.  Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire, motivate, and move the soul. Conflux is a vision that manifests from our journeys in life in the form of music, sounds, dancing, touch and visuals.  I have synesthesia, which is the ability to see, feel and think in colors.  Through our life travels, we connect with people during bright and dark times.  They are a part of our story, the aura people give us can impact us forever.  I have handpicked this diverse, globally based tribe of artists, throughout my personal journeys. Conflux uses art as a form of therapy, healing, and medicine to connect with our audience. Conflux by definition is the merging and flow of forces, people, and things, we come together to share our purpose, and love of life to the universe." 


Founder / Collaborator / Purpose Seeker